This service takes the stress out of finding love online and allows you to have fun meeting new people for casual and serious relationships.

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This is an online dating site for plus-sized singles.

On BBPeople, you can meet big and beautiful men and women who have created a comfortable community where your weight doesn’t matter.

The service is designed strictly for you to meet and communicate with singles by using the tools provided.

The messaging system works well and includes an easy-to-use video and audio greeting system.

I know I read ashley madison had data entry people make up thousands of fictitious names.

My experience with Senior People Meet and BBPeople Meet is that they are basically a glorified database and deny vital access to non-paid members.

If you remember to do so, manually switching to one month membership is required.

You will not get refunded for this shady practice if you forget to change selections. MOST have their mobile numbers in their descriptions or ask you for Yours immediately because "they are not online often" - bullcrap!! Also, this site is very sensitive in the fact that if you accidentally roll your mouse over someone's profile without even viewing it , it states you "viewed" the profile. I have had more "recently widowed" and green card seeking men contact me, their profiles look okay but as soon as we start messaging in comes the poor English language usage.

Didn't get face to face meets or dates for the year I was a paid member and, of course, if you're unpaid you can forget that because it's like extortion.

The site dangles all these views of your profile and they're not even real to get you to pay again, just to be able to see who is really interested.

As always you should read your terms of service before signing up to any online service. I am a white, single, full figured woman looking for a white, single male. To me, I am very insulted on how just disgusting men are.