Not all of the horses carried into the RD line are produced in the same colors as under the Beswick name.

So, with its fine reputation intact, it was sold to Royal Doulton as part of their expansion program.

Many of the horses that were currently in the line (in fact, most of them) were carried forward.

Then came the 818 Shire Mare, Huntsman, Shetland, and many others.

Up until 1989, all horses were produced under the Beswick name and backstamp.

They also produce an economy range modelled by Richard Wawnzesta.

They comprise of Shire in bay and grey gloss, Hunter in bay and grey gloss, thoroughbred in bay and grey gloss, Clydesdale in bay and grey gloss, Welsh Mountain Pony in grey and bay gloss and a Donkey in bay gloss (very cute).

The firm started out making toilet seats, tiles, vases and similar ceramic wares.

They also began making some small animals figurines around this time.

); many of the Beswick horses were then discontinued once the RD backstamp was used.

Royal Doulton has since come out with new horses not part of the original Beswick line.

The book also includes photos of all the various colorways the horses came in. This writeup was provided by Laura Pervier The Beswick Quarterly site and Beswick Collector sites are defunct.