That abruptly changed with gaining a child to raise.

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So I could probably write about..color blue or perhaps periwinkle.

I think it can be confusing to the child if it is not done in moderation, barring the mother is no longer capable of doing so. You could have just named the thread "Are you a grandparent raising grandchildren?

Not neccesarily as much from the social perspective as the POF veiwpoint?

Now I have to post a long essay about this so as to not offend the Big Brother POF filter.

That may not bother some, but it does bother others.

However, I am single, in my 50's, and still am not having good luck in finding an appropriate companion, and I can't even blame it on raising grandchildren.Things like "we were married after two months" to "he wouldn't take no for an answer" might seem sweet when it's your grandparents, but if it were you today, you'd probably call the police.Collegehumor created a hilarious video that explains how dating has changed with time.If anyone has any inspiring stories or even uninspiring stories to just vent, feel free. This is open to all grandparents who find themselves in this unexpected circumstance at this stage of their lives. Watch it, laugh and then seriously consider reporting your grandfather to the authorities.