Handle the ASPx Grid View Row Inserting/Row Updating/Row Deleting events if you want to submit a batch of modifications individually via a corresponding CRUD procedure. Batch Update event if you want to submit a batch of modifications at once via a corresponding Batch Update procedure.object to the default values indicated for the Data Grid View Cell Style class.4) Add an Item Template in the Template Field that specifies the content to display for the items in a Template Field.

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You can change this connection string according to your SQL server database setting.

Refer to the demo's Description for more information.

Next, we need to define the database connection string.

The below is my connection string which is stored in web.config file.

In this article, We will see how to use Grid View control in VB. We will use SQL Client data provider to provide database connectivity.

Before you can use any classes related to SQL Client data adapter, we need to import the Sql Client namespace in your application by using the following using statement.

Mais pour profiter de ces automatismes, il faut respecter certaines règles.

La requête qui servira à effectuer la mise à jour doit être spécifiée dans la source de données (attribut Update Command).

2) Add the Columns Collection (tag) that manages the collection of column fields.

3) Add Template Field inside the Columns Collection that is used to display custom content in a data-bound control.

Event Validation ensures that the values in each control match the values that were present when the page was rendered, but since these drop downs are populating on the client side, this is never true.