They are only allowed to have Thai-Chinese boyfriends (Most of them I would say).

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In Thailand there are unique challenges to finding love.

Language and cultural barriers make it hard to express yourself.

That’s one of the reasons Facebook, Twitter or other dating sites are widely popular. Thai girls are in the same boat too but maybe a little bit more than others.

In order to get attention from others they can hang out with other guys (Gik – a thai word for chat friends or maybe more) even if they’ve a boyfriend. They have a lot of Giks (chat girl friends) and in order to get rid of Thai guys they have foreigner boyfriends.

In UK merely few girls would be online, but you don’t have to worry about that in Thailand.

Lets dig deeper into that more: In this article we will talk about: The most widely used website in Thailand according to me.Yet it's still a 100% free Thai online dating site.It only takes a few seconds, sign up now and get started today. The actual mindset of an average Thai girl and upper class Thai girl is completely different.First of all rich Thai girls are usually from Bangkok and don’t use dating websites.This website has loads of girls – some crazy, some good some weird.